One Last Touch!

It was the beginning of 2019 when I met my grandfather (maternal) for the last time. His skin was leaving...
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One Last Touch!

The last words from my grandfather

It was my cousin's wedding and since my exams were going on, I showed up at the last minute just...
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The last words from my grandfather

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Men & Solo Travelling

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Sick in Sikkim!

Are lady lawyers easy going, divorced, alcoholic & uninterested in family lives – Four more shots please Review

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Are lady lawyers easy going, divorced, alcoholic & uninterested in family lives – Four more shots please Review

How to deal with Child bullying?
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How to deal with Child bullying?

Books for Beginners
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Books for Beginners

How to start reading books- 9 Tips if you want to be a bookworm
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How to start reading books- 9 Tips if you want to be a bookworm

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Budget-friendly travel Guide to Kasol- What to do- Where to stay- Where to eat

With the mountains touching the sky all around you and the pine-oak trees along with the deodar pulling in the...
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Budget-friendly travel Guide to Kasol- What to do- Where to stay- Where to eat


Hey there,

I am Nikita, I am a full-time Lawyer and a part-time blogger. Putting it correctly, I am a lawyer by profession and a blogger by passion.


Umiam Lake, Meghalaya, India

I was in primary school when I started Skating and  I played for my State on various occasions due to which I was able to travel to almost every corner of my country.

I succumbed to the circumstances due to which I had to leave playing and take up studies. When I started preparing for my law entrance exam, I realized that I was just good at boarding trains with my backpack. At that point of time, I was home tutored by my dad for a good two years because of which I was able to get admission in a law school, not that famous though.

Now, I am a practicing lawyer and whenever I find time in between my work, I pack my bag and take over to a new city. I explore the city and come up with a shoestring/ inexpensive itineraries, some of them can be found here.


I have visited 24 states and 4 Union Territories out of 29 states and 7 Union Territories in India. I want to cover all of them by 2020. I am a sucker for nature, culture, streets, and diversity. I want to walk down the streets of every city in India. Thereafter, I want to take on to all the countries of the world.

Igoo, Leh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir


Till High School, I was a sports player and I didn’t study much. My school used to be happy with the fame and name I was bringing to the institution. When I was to get into College, no college was ready to give me admission. My sports certificates were rejected not because they were fake but because the game of skating or the skaters were not having a reservation in the sports quota. The rejection by all the colleges was an eye-opener.

I was home tutored for two long years which led to the clearing of my law entrance exam. I was picked up by an online career counseling portal wherein I counseled about 150 students. Thereon, I learned a lot from the students as well as from my hardships. I can give the best career advice wherein you will take the decision but I will show you the way. Exciting isn’t it. Here, you will find all the Career Building tricks and tips


I was a tomboy and now I am a gorgeous lady. I know its difficult to gain the confidence to take the leap from being a tomboy to being a beautiful girl. But, I have done it and I have spilled the beans of how, here.

On the left: This is me being a tomboy. Pretty happy to wear a t-shirt from my brother’s wardrobe. On the right: Also me, do I need to explain this one?


I was bullied as a kid and body shamed as an adult. I want to pick up various social issues on Era Of Dreams and the hashtag for the save is LiveLifeYourWay. Read my stories and some suggestions about how to handle the stones that the society throws on all of us.

38 Replies to “ABOUT”

  1. Naiyya ! I got several friends in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Amritsar …these Punjabis guys n gals speak urdu in such a way that i can listen them even if they are admiring Narendra Modi, its really surprising to see their love for Urdu.
    Well, its good to know about you, and you inspired me to write a post “ABOUT ME”, i would like u to read that about me(will post soon) too, and leave ur honest comment there.

    1. Thanx Sindhana.. Oh! that’s great I thought I am the only crazy one in this whole world. 😀
      Thanks a ton for dropping in and reading my blog, keep visiting 🙂

  2. Hi Nikita, I like the way you have mentioned about yourself in this segment. This is very honest, simple and yet effective way of writing. ‘About Me’ segment is all about what we like/dislike, what kind of person are we & our mantra of life. And you mentioned about your hobbies, your likes, your passion in very simple and natural way. Very good. I also left a comment yesterday in one of your blog post “Lear to say ‘No’
    I have also started writing few months back. Through my Blog, my focus is to share my experiences with others that can help others to plan the things in a better way. I believe – Life is too short to learn and find everything by own so let’s try to make the world so informative that one should spend time in finding new innovation.
    I strongly feel that you are managing a good resource and I want to introduce you to my blog visitors. For this I have added you in my follow list. Also, If you feel that my blog can be a good resource for you and your visitors, please add me in your follow list. I would love to hear from you, in case if you know about some other resources that can help me in my mission.
    My Blog:

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