The last words from my grandfather

It was my cousin’s wedding and since my exams were going on, I showed up at the last minute just to attend the main function.(Even otherwise, I am not a big fan of Indian weddings, the only thing that I find attractive is the Golgappas and if they turn out to be bad, Huh!)

Note: My views about Big Fat Indian Weddings: Click here, to read!

It was good, meeting your family members whom I didn’t know that they even existed in this world and then finally meeting my grandparents.

We lived in the city and it was just during the vacations that we could meet the family back in the Town. That was one reason we didn’t get to meet our grandparents that often and since we didn’t live with them, we never got to talk to them much.

The music was on, the flowers were decorated in the best of the ways, the best food was being served and I sat with my grandfather (paternal) not knowing the fact that it was the last time that I was talking to him.

I recall he talked about life to me, how cruel it is, and how beautiful it can be. Those were the days when I was preparing for my law entrance exams and since I was not able to clear it in the first attempt. He told me that I know you will make it this time and he also said, “You will be the best lawyer/Judge ever.” Those words and the voice is something which I feel even today. That was the most soothing blessing that someone ever gave me. I was happy that he thought and said such a thing about me. He told me how dad cleared his engineering entrance exam and explained it to me how good I was in my genes. He asked me if I was doing fine in my life and if I was at peace with everything.

After a few months of marriage, my mom got to meet my grandfather and she told me that he was not doing well with his health. I was confused, but I was sad for he was there and he was dad’s father in a way I was connected to him. That day I thought, so what we don’t get to meet each other that much, but in some way or the other we have the same blood and because of his existence my dad feels safe in his life because his dad is there and if he won’t be there, he would feel that void which no one can fill. All in all, I was sad and I wanted to meet him.

My final exams for the semester were on and my dad told me that he was doing better. I was happy because I wanted my exams to get over soon so that I could meet him and I could talk to him again about matters related to life.

It was my exam in the morning, I was having my breakfast and studying History. There was a call on my dad’s phone and it was my uncle who told him that my grandfather was no more. I was in shock, but I had to go and give my exam.

My brother went to drop me and in the exam, I tried to keep myself aloof from all the thoughts. When I was coming back home, I could hear those words that, “You will be the best lawyer of the era”, I could see him in my mind. I was sad because I could not meet him for one last time.

My family had gone to my grandparent’s place and that day I was all alone at my place, I was too afraid to do anything. The very next day mom arrived, I hugged her hard and cried. I had that sorrow inside me because I couldn’t meet him one last time and the only bad part was, now I could never see or hear his voice ever in my life.

And, those thirty minutes were the best minutes of my life because he talked to me in the way we had never like he knew it was the last time that we will see each other like he knew it was the last advice that he is ever going to give me like he knew those were the last words from his side that are going to remain in my head always even after his death.