Men & Solo Travelling

My experiences with men while traveling Solo

Is it safe? You are a girl? (As if I forgot that I have a vagina, dude, I cannot, my periods every month smash my face reminding me about it)

A zillion times, I have been asked this.

And the best one- Tujhe dar nai lagta kya?

It’s not that I have not had experiences that would give me a reason to stop traveling solo and experiencing the unexplored parts of India all alone. But they say, you can have a million reasons to leave but one is enough to stick by.

In my case, I have just one reason to leave traveling solo and zillions to continue. One Being men

Nikita Naiyya

I travel solo but I have certain principles that I stick by. I will keep those principles for some other day.

But, today, it’s about men coming in the way of a girl who loves traveling solo.

I was in Ladakh for 35 days interning with 17000 Ft Foundation. The afternoon was filled with creating reading material for kids with whom we used to conduct reading camps. Evenings were for exploring the region.

One fine day, I picked up my camera and started moving towards Shanti Stupa, a place in the city of Ladakh. I took the way from internal streets and it was beautiful because it was completely unexplored. Very fewer people know that there are little streams all around Leh connected internally having little roads and bridges connecting the city internally

I had two options to either take a cab and reach the place by road or to put my legs to work and climb 1000 steps. I took the stairs. Being a young traveler. I would invest everything in traveling and to explore the place my legs were put to work because of saving money.

I explored the beautiful place. Experienced one of the best sunsets that I have ever seen. After the sunset, I rushed because it was getting dark.

Dark is unsafe, I was running down the stairs and there were these three men sadly, Punjabis who enquired me about my trip. I very confidently told them that I am interning and stuff and moved.

As a SOLO GIRL Traveller, you need to be vigilant. You need to make the right choices when questions are around your safety

Instead of taking the internal road, I took the road which goes from within the main market. But, then also, there was this little stretch which was dark.

Boys being boys, one of them asked me out for dinner and staying with them.

“Common perception being if she is traveling alone, she is easy going. She must have slept with men from different regions. Because solo traveling as a girl is not about exploring the place but exploring men of that particular region too. “

For my safety, my Selfie Stick and my tripod are the best dandas which are as strong as a steal wiper that one tends to carry along when you are apprehensive that there is a thief in the house.

I refused and he tried to block my way but dude my pepper spray was the first attack and hitting their balls with my tripod second.

But, the first attack was enough to make them flee away.

Well, that’s one reason instead of giving up on traveling. I added one rule to my principles of solo traveling. Experiencing the sunrise when solo traveling instead of sunset.

Because, probably, in India with the setting sun and the dark. The men find it harder to control their sexual hormones. 🙂

Nikita Naiyya, Peace!