Sick in Sikkim!

At the beginning of 2018, I had explored the deserts, forts, and the delicious thalis of Rajasthan on my car which was an exhilarating experience in itself. But, it was tiring. When in April, there were holidays, I planned to visit the calm and soothing North East India.

I had very little knowledge of North East India. In my head, I wanted to travel to Nagaland but didn’t really know of which state in North East India, the pictures were revolving in my head.

Mistakenly but thankfully landed in a State which was all green, clean, and had an air which you could feel in your lungs cozily because of its cleanliness. It was the city of Gangtok with which, I had fallen in love at the very first sight. The colorful houses, the colors which North Indians pick to make their Rangolis on the Diwali. The eastern side had painted their homes that way colorful and exciting. The balconies of all these little cottages had flowers blooming all over.

Mahatma Gandhi Street in Gangtok is a treat to sit and experience. The street has mountains all over and it drizzles every now and then. The street food, Ahaan, those yummy Kathi rolls were my favorite.

On the second day of my trip, I decided to eat the Sikkimese Thali. When I went road tripping in Rajasthan. I made sure that I ate Rajasthani Thali at everyone’s place. It was such a thrilling experience that I made it a travel rule that I will be eating Thalis of each and every State of India. Following the rule, I ordered one in my Resort and there it was in copper utensils. They served momos with the authentic chutney, fern veggies, Rotis, paneer, and various other things. I ate it to my full.

At midnight, I felt a slight pain in my stomach and I rushed to the washroom. I vomited and vomited and vomited that entire night. The next day, I recited the entire story to the chef. I was not even able to digest water. She apologized and told, that, only some are able to digest Sikkimese food. The first thing, I did in my head was to add another rule to my travel rule i.e. to inquire about the capability of the food to get digested before hopping on any of the thalis ever after.

So, the trip to Sikkim was from Bagdogra in West Bengal to Gangtok in Shillong and from there to Jorthang. I really couldn’t explore much in Sikkim because I had fallen ill but the peace which this trip gave me was immense.

But, I am a planner and I have the entire itinerary planned for the Sikkim trip. If you want to save this itinerary for yourself then wait for the next blog. I will share it with you guys!

Peace, Nikita Naiyya!