Are lady lawyers easy going, divorced, alcoholic & uninterested in family lives – Four more shots please Review

Are lady lawyers easy going, divorced, alcoholic & uninterested in family lives – Review Four more shots please 

I am not a web series person. I am more of a bookworm but Covid 19 and the lockdown made me borrow amazon primes password from a friend of mine. Saw a review of this show called four more shots, please. The girl gang thing made me excited and I was all set to watch it. Fried tons of French fries and sat down to watch both the seasons.

One of the women in the Gang of Four is a corporate lawyer. She is well dressed, is beautiful and a killer lawyer. That made me feel provide of her as I am myself a lawyer.

But, she was portrayed as if the only two things or rather three things she was interested in were – Alcohol, work (money) and sex.

She was divorced, she had a daughter (to whom she was not able to give much time), she was killing it at work but was facing male dominance.

Firstly, it’s not a profession that makes any human an alcoholic, workaholic, not interested in family and to be interested in sex. I didn’t like this concept in the series. Already, lady lawyers are struggling to tell their male seniors that they are only interested in work and not in casual sex.

It’s a constant fight. In reality, a lady lawyer gets so many offers. It’s a barter, take work give us sex. Easy! 

The lady lawyers in the series get into friends with benefits relationship with her law associate or partner. She openly accepts in front of her friends that she is there only and only for sex. Well! In front of the world, she keeps it a secret.

Though the serial portrays that even though she is an excellent lawyer but her boss gives preference to the male counterparts when it comes to promotions or high-end meetings. This is somewhat true but the easy-going part is not acceptable as it solidifies the mentality of the society towards female lawyers.

Accept it or not the visual media plays an important role in changing mentality. We need to make sure that visual media tries to create concepts that change the social conditioning in a good way.

Nikita Naiyya ♥️