Budget-friendly travel Guide to Kasol- What to do- Where to stay- Where to eat

With the mountains touching the sky all around you and the pine-oak trees along with the deodar pulling in the green blanket beautifully.  This place is not just a one time show, this is a place which you can visit once in a year or every month, maybe. If I could?

In this blog, you will find answers to the following questions:-

  • Where is Kasol?
  • Who should visit Kasol?
  • How to reach Kasol?
  • Where to stay in Kasol?
  • What to do when in Kasol?
  • Where to eat?
  • What to eat?
  • Where & What to shop?

Where is Kasol?

A Village in Himachal Pradesh. It is known for its party, drinking and smoking scenes.

But, there is more to this place. It has the best mountains, parvati river and scenic view which is a treat that your eyes should enjoy for sure. A must visit!

Who Should visit Kasol?

If you love the scene which consists of sky-touching mountains covered with trees and a stream passing by. Also, if you want to slay at a place for a long weekend or for an entire week by visiting cafes, eating & drinking while enjoying the view from the cliff.

Note:- There is no specific place to visit in Kasol. It’s all about enjoying nature and scenic views  which are in abundance at this place.

Banks of river Parvati, Kasol

How to reach Kasol?

+By Bus- Himachal Pradesh State Bus Services- Volvo runs from Delhi (Drops at Bhunter which is 23 km away from Kasol)- Price- Rs 550/- per seat

From Bhunter– The last local bus to Kasol leaves at 6:30 PM (Rs 50/-) (The last bus is too crowded, aim for the ones which leave around 4’o Clock)

A cab from Bhunter costs around Rs 1000-1200/- (Bargain my friend)
(Note- Try to book a Volvo which runs at night, it is completely safe to travel in HIMSUTA(Himachal State Government’s Buses Only

Website of HIMSUTA (Himachal Government Bus Service) Click here for the link

Cab- Rs 5000/- (From Chandigarh)

Distance from Delhi- 517.8 Km (12 hours)

Where to stay in Kasol?

Ronak Palace, Kasol

(Note: The rent of the room was Rs 1000/- per day)

Contact: +91-8091829795 (Vivek Thakur) b

Why this place?

-Clean linen, rooms & washroom

-Generous host

-Attached washrooms


-Delicious Food

-The scenic view is 101% worth it

Note: If you are a solo girl traveler stay here. I found this place to be the safest.

Ronak Palace, Kasol
Ronak Palace serves the yummiest meals ever!
Extra Nutella Pancakes at Ronak Palace!

What to do when in Kasol?

Sit next to the river Parvati or climb to the top of a mountain

Take meals along with you and hike to a hilltop. Sit, eat and enjoy the view.


A thread-like structure that is permanently fitted in your hair. This is what stoners get done and you should get them done too. They are super sexy and different too. When back in the city, everyone has millions questions to ask about. But, you got to flaunt that stoner look baby!

Wear clothes like that of a Hippie

When in the territory of stoners, adapt their look. All such clothes are easily available in the streets of Kasol.


Go for a trek

Places to Trek to from Kasol

-Kutla For detailed travel guide to Kutla, Click here

-Pulga- For detailed travel guide to Pulga, Click here




-Waichin Valley


In Pulga
On my way to Kutla

Cafe Hopping 

Where to eat?

+Moon Dance Café


+Samy’s café

This rooftop cafe has one of the best views and food. Also, it has snooker tables.

The view from Sammy’s Cafe!

+Mamas Café

+German Bakery: Cheese Cake, Apple pie, Nutella croissant, Rum balls, and Cookies.

Cheesecake and rum balls from German Bakery, Kasol

What to eat in Kasol?

Kasol is also known as Mini Israel as so many Israelis visit this place throughout the year. You will find the best Israeli food here in Kasol which you got to taste. The things which you should try are:-

+Shakshuka: A dish that features poached eggs in a hearty, spiced tomato and pepper sauce served with a green salad, potato chips, toasts, and tahini sauce. The combination is so interesting that you will have a longing to have it every day. I tasted this dish at Apple Garden, Katagla and found it to be very yummy.

Shakshuka at Apple Garden, Katgala, Kasol Rating- 5/5

+Nutella Pancake or Nutella Roti

+Chicken Shipudim: It is a kind of barbeque that is served with a green salad, pita bread, and hummus.

+Chicken Schnitzel

How many days to spend in Kasol- Suggested Itinerary

+ 1 week – If you want to trek to a close by village else 3-4 days are sufficient or settle for a lifetime

Suggested Itinerary for Kasol

Day-1 (Roam in Kasol)

Day-2 (Go to Manikaran/Go for a trek to any of the above-suggested places)

Day-3 (Stay at the village where you have trekked to)

Day-4 (Stay in Kasol/Go for a trek to another village)