Everything about Kutla, a village near Kasol in Himachal- A 1 hour trek from Tosh

Where is Kutla?
It’s a remote village in Himachal Pradesh near Kasol and very next to Tosh.

This small little village is a perfect retreat for all those who want to stay away from everything which is city like. It’s for all of you who love nature in abundance. A place which has not been wrecked by tourism. It’s a must-visit.

How to reach Kutla?

Kasol- Manikaran- Barshaini- Tosh (From Tosh you have to trek for 1.5 hours)

Difficulty level of Trek to Kutla
For those who trek regularly, its a cake walk. For first timers, a bit difficult. But, when you enter the village after climbing that last steep mountain. That open unending Greenland which on the sides has mountains which are covered with pine oak trees and deodars. The horses treating themselves with some hay and green grass. Some of them running around freely in padocks. The apple gardens here and there. The wooden huts make it a prefect retreat.

Where to stay in Kutla?

I stayed in Olive Garden

Rent of the room: Rs 700/- per night

They have wooden huts that are too small but cute. The washrooms are common. There is nothing luxurious in these huts buts they are raw and peaceful.

There are tents available out there. You can book tents too.

How many days?

A lifetime! If I could. At least

2 nights, please. It’s peaceful and mesmerizing!

Places to visit or Things to do when in Kutla

Glacier Point

It’s a point from where you get to see snow-covered mountains. A 30-minute easy hike from Kutla.

Don’t go with the name. It’s basically a point wherein you get to sit and see the transparent river making its way through the tall mountains.

How to reach Glacier Point?

You need to trek from Kutla to reach the Glacier Point.


Time- 30-40 mins

Level of trek- Easy (It’s more or less like a walk)

Sitting next to the stream

Parvati river is clean, transparent and has the perfect music. A treat again which you should experience for sure. These wooden bridges make it all the more a fantasy to be there.

Eating Apples

If you are visiting during the months of August- October. Then eat freshly plucked apples till the time you don’t look like one. Those juicy apples, take a bite and there will be a splash of apple juice all over your face. Experience the real apples, you city chaps.

Watching the horses graze and run around

They are trouble for the villagers but hey for people like you and me they add on to the beauty of this village.

Watching the sunset and sunrise

A tip here, take a room from where you can visualize the sunrise. Watching the sunrise while you are still in bed is comforting. Obviously, getting out in that cold morning wave is super crazy and I suppose, you and I are super lazy too.

Best time to visit Kutla

I visited in October and it was good. Otherwise March- October (In November this place gets a snowfall so it’s difficult to reach the Village)