Guwahati- Skip the 5 Km long line at Kamakhya Devi Temple- Ferry for sunset at river Bharamaputra for Rs 150/- instead of Rs 2500/-

Guwahati is the capital city of the State of Assam and is situated on the banks of river Brahmaputra.

Note: The city can be visited when you are visiting Noth-East India specifically states like Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. For detailed and budget friend itinerary for Meghalaya, Click here.

Getting clicked with beautiful Kamakhya Devi Temple!

How to reach Guwahati?

It is well connected by all means of transport. So, you can reach there by road, air or by train.

Where to stay at Guwahati?

Stay Harmony House

Address: Maniram Dewan Road, House no 7, Silpukhuri East, Sanjogi Path, Guwahati, 781003

Contact: 085859 59191 (Nice homestay but you should go for a property which is next to the river Brahmaputra)

Things to do when in Guwahati

+ Kamakhya Devi Temple

+ Sunset at river Brahmaputra


Some facts about the temple:-

+ It is believed that the temple houses the womb and vagina of the Hindu goddess Shakti.

+ It is said every year during the month of June, the Brahmaputra river near Kamakhya turns red. It is believed that the goddess ‘menstruates’ during this period.

How to skip the long line at Kamkhya Devi Temple?

Make a wish, they say. The goddess fulfills it.

You already have a wish that you want the Universe to fulfill immediately. So, you like a real Bhakt would wear a traditional Indian dress, book a cab and head over to the temple. But, then you enter the temple, you get to know there is a 10 km long line. and its all crowded. At that point, you might think that it’s better to pluck an eyelash hair and make a wish because that also works. But, I have got you sorted.

There are three ways to do so:-

Take the ticket for the VIP line in the morning

The ticket can be bought from the premises of Kamakhya Devi Temple itself but you need to reach the place at 5 in the morning.

Take permission from the Deputy Commissioner of the City

You need to have some badass political or bureaucratic relations. You don’t have? Hi5 then the last trick is for you

Hire the services of a Pandit Ji

Pep up your bargaining skills because at this point you need to be sweet yet firm. They may ask for Rs. 5000/- but you need to get them down. I paid Rs.300/- to the pandit ji and he helped me in getting into the temple. I stood before the idol for good 5 minutes saw the carvings inside the temple and wola! You skipped the 10km long line.


You must experience this sunset!

You can experience it from Umananda island for which you need to take a ferry from Umananda Ghat to Umananda island (Peacock island) which takes just 10 minutes.

Now, when you google, you will find that there are cruise services available which will charge you a hefty amount. The cruise is not worth the money at all. Chuck it!

Here is the best way to experience the sunset on a budget:-

Buy the tickets of Government Ferry

It is the most inexpensive ferry. Note The window for Govt. ferry close at 4’o clock. The sunset doesn’t take place within those timings so this is something which should be a no-no.

Take the ticket of a private ferry from Umananda Ghat (Just for Rs. 150/-)

The ticket would cost you just Rs. 150/- per person. That ferry or “so-called cruise” will take you to Peacock Island which has a temple. When you return back, you will visualize one of the most magnificent sunsets of your lifetime.

Also, after seeing the local half-hearted cruise, you will thank heavens and this article that you didn’t spend Rs 2500/- for the night cruise.

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Sunset from Peacock Island, Guwahati
Peacock Island, Guwahati
The city of Guwahati

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