Pulga Village: A perfect offbeat destination for travelers- How to reach Pulga & What to do in Pulga

There are days when you want to escape the chaos and enter a place that is silent, uncrowded, pleasant and in between a magnificent view. Pulga is one perfect option to consider.

Pulga is a small village that is amidst snow-covered mountains in the State of Himachal Pradesh and is the safest option for slaying for days together. The mountains soar up like they wished to challenge the sky itself, they dominate the horizon all around the village.

All these questions have been answered in the article:-

  • Where is Pulga?
  • How to reach Pulga?
  • Is it difficult to trek or walk to the village of Pulga?
  • Where to stay in Pulga?
  • Things to do in Pulga
  • How many nights you should spend in Pulga?
  • Is it safe to travel solo to Pulga?
The Trek to Pulga begins from this Bridge!

Note: This is a trek that can be done even if you are all alone (best option for a first-time solo traveler- Safe for girls too) or if you have never trekked in your life.

Where is Pulga?

Pulga is a small village near Kasol, Himachal Pradesh.

Distance from Kasol- 16.1 Kms

How to reach Pulga?

Take a bus from Kasol to Barshaini (Direct Bus will cost you Rs 50/-)


Take a bus from Kasol to  Manikaran and then from Manikaran to Barshaini

From Barshaini, you need to walk (trek) for 30 minutes- Wola! Welcome to Pulga


You can take a cab from Kasol to Barshaini (Rs 900/-)

Note: Kasol, Manikaran, and Barshaini have a taxi stand of the union. So, the prices are fixed.

(Suggested Drivers: +91-857438695 (Jai) – Safe to travel with, make your bookings beforehand.)

(Note: If you want to avoid walking then you should take a cab to Barshaini as the bus will drop you at the bus stand whereas the cab at the point from where the trek begins)

Is it difficult to trek to Pulga?

No, it isn’t. It’s just a 30-minute walk with just 2 to 3 steep stretches.

Where to Stay in Pulga?

Marigold Guest House- Address Pulga, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh 175101

Contact: 094186 97690

Charges: Rs 1200/- per room (The room was clean, beautiful and the view from the room was mesmerizing.)

(Note: Mam, Can I get a room with a view of the mountains, make this request to the owner.)

The view of snow-topped mountains from the window of Marigold Guest House.

What to do when in Pulga?

Go for a long walk around the village in every direction

The village has farms of maize and gardens of apples. the sunrise and sunset are bewildering.

Visit the Cafes

Suggested Cafes:

-Devraj Bhojanalaya- When the evenings get cold, this is the place with its tandoor which provides a warm cozy shelter.

-Cafe Regal

There are various other small yet cute cafes that serve good Israeli and Indian food.

Cafe Regal is a beautiful little cafe at the entrance of the Village of Pulga.
The aesthetics of Devraj Bhojanalya are amazing!
Lasaniya at Dev Raj Bhojanalya.

Experience the sunset and the sunrise

When the sunsets at Pulga, it is an experience that you must feel!
The sunrise from the balcony of Marigold Guest House!

Visit the Apple Gardens

Enter the Apple Gardens with the permission of the owner and eat some if they offer!

You can also visit other villages like Tulga & Kalga which are nearby

For how many nights you should stay at Pulga?

Minimum 1 night should be spent at Pulga. If you love nature, you can spend as many nights as you want.

Can you travel solo to this place?

Yes, I traveled all alone. I found this place to be safe. The people are really helpful. They even helped me in shooting videos and clicking pictures.

The view during the trek from Barshaini to Pulga.

Best time to visit Pulga

+ If you want to see the greenery at it’s full- After the Monsoon (August- September)

+ Enjoy the view which consists of snow-covered mountains (March-May)

+ If you want to enjoy the snow (November- February

If you want any other information regarding Pulga. You can leave a comment down below. I would love to answer your queries, making sure that you make it to this village of Pulga and feel peaceful.

PULGA VLOG BY Nikita Naiyya