Kandaghat- The Destination, Club Mahindra Resort


We all get tired of our daily routine and all of us need a break. Well! I have a special love for traveling. One weekend, I was bored with my very beautiful city and I planned to visit some nearby places. I chose Kandaghat which is near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. The place I chose to reside was ‘The Destination’ which is a resort owned by Club Mahindra.

I would love to call the structure of the resort a white beauty and the gardens are cherry to the cake. There are around eight to ten gardens in the whole resort which are well maintained. The view from my room kept me in awe for the time I stayed there. My room was on the ground floor, it had a balcony and an extended garden. In the morning and evening, I used to enjoy the view of the mountains with fog and mist all around while in the afternoon, the sun used to make it another beautiful view. The rooms were clean and tidy, the staff is too friendly to deal with. I received my tea in the garden which was peaceful and calm.

What can you do when at the Resort?
They hold a really good gaming area on the top level of the resort, you can play Ludo, carom, table tennis, and various other games. If you have kids, they have special sessions to keep your kids busy. You can also go for trekking or you can visit Shimla which is nearby. If the only purpose of visiting the place is to relax, then you should prefer roaming around in the resort which is very big and also you can carry your own games and have fun.

How to keep it cheap?
If you want that the trip should not cost you much, you can plan your stay in this resort, but instead, choose to eat from restaurants or Dabhas which are near the resort. I did the same, there is a lot of dabhas which are around 1 km away from the resort. Though I also ate what the resort served and the food was not out of the world, it was normal, I didn’t find anything special.

I can bet, you won’t feel like leaving the place.