Tricks to get easily selected for the first internship

Getting selected for that first internship is always a battle because straight out of school with no or very little experience, you face a lot of rejections from renowned or well-known organisations.

Once rejected, most of you either give up on the idea of doing internships or scratch your heads hard to get selected for an internship and fail incredibly.

I understand your pain because even I faced a lot of rejections but ultimately, I found my way to that first internship. In this blog, I am going to talk in detail about the organisations that you should opt for while applying for your first or second internship:-


#1 Work with NGO’s

+Always in need of work force

+Will select you even if you don’t have much experience or no experience for that matter

+Social Volunteering will serve as an advantage for you when you apply for your next internship

+The best place to learn basics of professionalism, how to work in teams, how to plan and how to execute that plan (Things which give you a leg up when you work with a renowned organization or an individual)

#2 Instead of aiming for a well-known organization go for individuals or small organizations who are good at their work and also are known for giving work to the interns

It is from the smaller organizations that you get to learn a lot. The well-known organizations are good because they act like a star for your CV. When it comes to learning, they take a back seat.

#3 Intern while your semester is going on

*Online Internships: As and when you begin with your college, you should start searching for internships wherein you can work online. Online internships are perfect , to begin with.

*Weekend Internships or Evening Internships: If you conduct comprehensive research at the place where you are studying. You can always get hold of an organization wherein you can either work in the evenings or on weekends. This is the perfect way, to begin with when you have just begun with your course.


I have a detailed blog on how to apply for internships, which can be found here.

+Send them a Resume along with a letter of intent

Telling them why you want to work with them and how you can add to their organization is always a good way to get you in as an intern.

+Reminder Calls and emails

In India, the concept of internships is new and most of the organisations might not respond to your emails. If you contact them telephonically. It would reflect that you are a serious candidate.

+ Meeting in-person!

If you are a serious contender for an internship


+ The more work they give to you, the better it is :

The best internships for you are the ones which give you work. Where the boss and the associates involve you in the working of the institution.

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