What things you should keep in mind while interning so that you learn new skills and have fun?

DISCLAIMER: If the only reason, you go for internships is to get a certificate. Please hit the exit button because this post would be of no use to you.

Mindset required to begin with internships

Going to the Office of any organization or an individual is an amazing feeling. Meeting new people, having lunch together and going for a coffee in the evening or sometimes bunking the office after lunch is all a part of internships.

But, don’t forget that you are there to learn and work. It’s important to  create a balance between fun and work  to make internships a fulfilling experience.

There are certain things which if kept in mind can make sure that you not only learn something from the work experience but also have fun. Let’s dive in!

You want to know, how to get selected for an internship. Here is a detailed guide on how to get hold of internships.

No work is small – Doing clerical tasks is completely fine as an intern

One often gets confused while working as an intern that the work he or she is doing is part of their job profile or not.

Should you be happy that you have been asked to do this work or should you crib over the fact that you are being treated as clerks or worst, office boy!

We normally believe that we cannot do clerical tasks like typing, photocopying, taking dictations or something which ought to be done by the clerks.

“I myself was always confused when I was asked to do such type of work as an intern. But, four years down the lane, I think, I would have learnt more if someone would have told me that by doing all such things I am learning something which is going to be valuable and benefiting in the long run. SO, IT’s OK TO TYPE DOCUMENTS AS AN INTERN.”

Enter the office or begin your day at work with the thought that you have to learn something new everyday

Enter the office of your internship with this mindset. I guarantee you that by the end of the day you will feel so fulfilling and good.

Never Say No to any work – Even if you don’t have any idea that how you should do it!

Even if you don’t know how to do some work. Never say no instead learn it and do it.  That is what the owner of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson said that we should never refuse or refrain from doing any work just because we are doubtful that if we will be able to do that or not. Just take the work, you will get the power to learn and do it perfectly!

Type of work should not include buttering

Remember one thing always, the individual or the team that you are working with is not a piece of bread which needs butter. They are working cats and what they would appreciate the most is some good work that helps them in reducing the burden from their shoulders.

Never sit idle instead create work

By that I don’t mean that you should start cleaning the office. What I mean is that you should either read a book or research on some topic and create a research paper or create some designs if you are in a field which demands such type of work. Basically, what I mean to say is that carry your own work to the office instead of sitting idle.

Carry 1000 Kgs of enthusiasm with you every day

The more you are enthusiastic, the more work you will get from your associates. As a lawyer, I love to give work to legal interns who are confident and enthusiastic instead of those who are all sad because they were forced by their college to get a certificate of internship.

Be polite and keep smiling: A happy intern is the best intern!

Say NO to backbiting instead talk about Ideas, Politics, Books or topics related to your field to the officials and even with the co-interns

Never ever make the mistake of backbiting or gossiping about anyone. Avoid talking about people to the officials of the organisation and your co-interns. It’s better to discuss about your field, about a book and if you want to talk about humans, talk about the ones who have done something extra-ordinary in their lives.

Dress in accordance to the culture of the organization you are interning with

Make sure you look smart and put together!

Share your Internship Pictures/experience

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Love, Nikita Naiyya!