Best way to travel solo as a Student – Cheap, Adventurous and Parents approved (Must for girls who want to travel solo)

I was interning while I was rafting! Location: Nimoo, Leh, Ladakh

Being a hardcore Indian, I can understand that most of the parents, specially that of girls don’t agree with the idea of letting their girl travel alone. Solo travelling is a far-fetched dream for many specially when in College.

But what if I tell you that in a period of 3 years of doing my Bachelor of Law, I managed to travel in all my six vacation that too solo. 

No, I did not run away from my home. My parents gave me a warm see off on my every traveltern* and they sent me as it was important since it was more an internship for them but all about travel for me. 

Did you get it? That How I managed to travel? 

I opted for doing internships at all the places that I wanted to explore. If, you want to know how I got hold of one every vacation. Then here is my detailed guide to get internships. Click here to read.

Now, Why I opted for traveltern. I love to call it travel tern because it’s both travelling and interning. 

#It’s the safest way to travel  as a student

You don’t have to stay at a Hotel instead you opt for hostel because you ought to spend a month or so at that place.

I was roaming around all alone in a Village of Ladakh and I felt the safest. Igoo, Leh, Ladakh
While interning at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. I went to all the places which were near to Jaipur. This is one of the most famous resorts near Jaipur called Fairmont. I got to visit this place because there was a Journalist Meet.

#You don’t get bored

You make local friends which is an amazing thing because when you want to shop, you can hop over one of these local friends to take you shopping because the shopkeepers won’t fool you then and give you everything on local rates. Isn’t that amazing? It is like, no one would be able to make a fool of you.

That’s from my internship with People’s Union For Civil Liberties, Jaipur. Take me back, please!
I was pretty popular in Kargil because I was comparatively taller than the natives. Latoo, Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir, India

# Parents get convinced easily

Who told you to tell them that your main aim is traveling just tell them about how valuable the internship is. Tell them how important it is for your CV.  Make them sit down and read about what work you are going to do. Instead, of saying no they will feel proud of you. Yes, You got to play the emotionally blackmailing card. you got that right!

#Cheap Travel

You stay in as a Paying Guest and that makes your stay as cheap as Rs 500 to Rs. 1000 per day. What else do you want? Tell me, I being a traveller would love a good stay in such an amount. Most hostels serve food too.

When I interned at Jaipur in 2015, I stayed in Hostel and shared the room with two more girls- Natasha and Himani. We became best friends thereafter.

#A Number of Days to Explore

Every internship goes on from at least 15 days to 30 days which is more than enough to explore a place.

I was working on a pilot project with 17000ft Foundation in which I was conducting a reading in a Government School. It was their holiday so I along with my team mates went to Pangong Lake.
My 44 days internship at Jaipur took me errands. I know every part of Jaipur now.


The best thing that takes place when you traveltern is the people you meet. They are all crazily abnormal like you and me. Networking is one thing which in turn helps you in getting your next internships. If you want to know, How I used my #Networking to get internships in Big Corporate Houses then comment down below. I will love to write about that

# A Different Lifetime Experience

I got to work with Rohingiyas and some of the very famous Human Rights Activists of India. A lifetime experience, indeed!

Working for the United Nations and Rohingyas. They had stories which make me feel like standing in a UN Meeting and shouting at the UN representatives of Myanmar.

#You Grow as a Person and you change for good

After my trip to Jaipur. I stopped buying branded clothes because I was so inspired by the children and students of Jaipur. The simplicity with which they lived and the way they were happy with everything they had.

Well Ladakh, made me realize that silence and nature can make you talk to yourself. The word is Introspect. I started Introspecting and counseling myself. Also, I started reading books because I was bashed by Sayan for being too lazy to read. Sayan, if you read my blogs. Thank you for bashing me!

Delhi, made me realize that I should be thankful that I was born in a peaceful city like that of Chandigarh. I just cracked a joke, I hope you had a good laugh if not please laugh. Thank you :0

*Traveltern- Travelling + Internship = Traveltern

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