Know how to collect money for travelling even when you are a teenager: 7 Practical ways to save money for travelling

I have been asked this question a million times- Who pays for my travel?

The answer is but obvious- “I”

“You don’t need to be rich to travel, you need to have firm faith that you can travel.”

The only thing which has always made me feel complete is travelling. I belong to a middle class family and it was just my dad who used to be the bread earner in the family back then when I was a teenager. But, I had to travel. Therefore, I not only took up jobs, I also worked out my own ways to save money. I am sharing the ones which work for me even today:-

Prioritize Travel over everything else:Keep Travel in your head. Always remember that the agenda of your life is to travel. Ones you set your priorities right, you will see that you spend on only the things without which you can’t survive.

Buy what you need and not what you want: Need is without which survival is bit difficult For Example: Food, Shelter, Clothing and something which is necessary for your job or business. Want is something without which life can go on smoothly. So, focus on your needs and your want should always be travel. 

Say no to SHOW OFF AND LUXURY: Travel and live raw! What I mean is to prefer simple and basic things in life. There are things which we buy just because they make us feel Royal like an expensive mobile phone or any expensive car. I bought a basic car so that I could use my money for travelling instead of showing off a luxurious car.

Ask yourself a question every time you buy something: What will make you happy the thing that you are holding in your hand or travel? Most of the times, you will keep the thing back. I do this every time and save a lot of money because for me life is all about happiness and peace. Travel gives me both happiness and peace.

Own a separate travel Bank Account: I always set an aim that how much I have to collect for traveling. Having a Bank account specifically for traveling is something which has worked for me tremendously. That’s the best idea that has ever popped up in my head.

Be a Minimalist: Try this concept of surviving on minimal things. It saves a lot of money.

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❤ Nikita Naiyya