How to choose between internships if you got selected in more than one?

If you just got lucky by being selected for more than one internship. I know after that wave of excitement comes the time to take the right decision that is to choose the one internship which is best for you.  It’s just like you went to this fancy candy shop where you convinced your Mom to buy one candy but then you like five of them and cutting down the choice to one is pretty difficult. Of which you like the colour, you don’t like the flavor and of which you live the flavor, you don’t like the shape. Here are some quick tips to make sure that you are able to choose the right internship for yourself.

# Read the Reviews- Go for the one which gives work to interns:  Google the reviews!

For instance-  When I read the reviews for the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur I was quite impressed with the quantity and quality of work which they offered to their interns. That was one reason, I chose it over PUCL, Delhi even though at Delhi I would have got a stipend of  Rs. 5000/-. Since I wanted to work and learn, I chose the one which had better reviews over the one which had monetary benefits.

# Type of work which interests you: Another thing which needs consideration is that what type of work you want to do and which organization stands closest to the type of work which interests you. To know  about the organizations:

  • Read their introduction about themselves online
  • See which organization is known for what and do you want to learn that particular thing in which they are experts.

For Example- If you are into Hotel Management and in one hotel you are getting to work with the chef while in the other at the front office, you ought to see that which work are you more interested in- Cooking or Front office?

# Level of interaction with interns:  There are some organizations and individuals who are known for interacting with interns. By interacting, I mean that they will give you work to do and they will make sure that you learn something by the time who spend as an intern with the organization. Prefer such individuals or organizations the most.

# Famous organization or an individual: I would suggest that you should cover both types of organizations but first prefer the one which will give you work independently.

For instance- I had to choose between a well-known lawyer and a one who wasn’t that famous but was interested in making sure that the interns get to work independently and they learn something.  I did my first internship with the latter and then did my second internship with the former. Basically, learning work should be your first priority.

# Place of internship:  I personally love to travel so that was my first point of consideration. I preferred places which I hadn’t visited ever so that I could explore them. If you love to travel then this can be a point of consideration for you too.

# Safety:  Yes, a girl I had to take this point into consideration a lot. I used to strike off Delhi on this pointer a lot of times.

# Expenses: Student life is more like that of a beggar. The paucity of money is every student’s biggest problem.  Make sure to check your bank balance and the cost of living in the city wherein you are planning to intern.

# Place to stay: Make sure that before you strike off other internship offers. You have a place to stay where you want to intern. A place which is close to your office should always be preferred.

I hope all there tips and tricks work for you. Have a great time interning!

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❤ Nikita Naiyya