Every Indian woman must have one Kanjivram silk saree: Cheap and good shopping secrets for shopping silk sarees from Chennai

The City of Chennai is known for its Kanjivaram Silk Sarees and cotton suits. If you are a great fan of sarees and you want something which stays in your wardrobe forever as a legacy to be taken forward for the generations to come then you should not give this one a miss.


KANJIVARAM SILK SAREES : These silk sarees belong to South India. They are very popular as bridal sarees and are named after a place in Tamil Nadu. This sari comes is vibrant colors. Golden thread is used for weaving designs on this sari. Material may vary across some regions like in some places cotton is also used as the fabric for it. It is known for its bold colors and shining luster. These come in different styles like – with or without motifs, with small or large border, etc.

The best place to buy these Sarees from Chennai is Nageswaran Road, T.Nagar market. The two best shops that you should visit are:-

Kumaran Silks


This is one of the best shops as it is divided into four floors, each flour has different types of clothes like Kanjivaram, cotton, etc. These floors are further divided into sections in accordance to the designs and the prices. The best thing about this shop is:-

  1. Fixed Prices but cheaper than the entire market: As a tourist, I always hunt for such shops.
  2. A complete explanation of what Kanjivaram Sarees are: I am a North Indian and I wasn’t really aware of what is Kanjivaram. They explained it to me in entirety.
  3. They clearly tell you which saree is real and which is not- Remember! Buying a real Kanjivaram saree can be pretty expensive as silk is an expensive clothing material. Moreover, real gold thread is used to make these sarees.
  4. The complete Address- Kumaran Silks, 12 Nageswaran Road,
    Chennai 600017


This is one of those shops which is like a famous brand in the city as it has its outlets all over India. One can visit this shop but I think this shop has high prices as they have a brand name all around India.
Address- No,9 Nageswaran Road, T.Nagar,
Chennai – 600 017
Note- The best thing about these shops is that they are next to each other.