Do you want to go for internships but don’t know how to go about it- Beginners guide to Internships


Internships are when you work with an organization or an individual as a student or trainee.  It may or may not be paid. Wait, What? It isn’t paid.


I know that is the question that just popped up in your head.

Let’s take the leap to understand the Why? Part


You might have this question in your head- Ms. Nikita, Why can’t you let the little pupils sleep during their vacations?

No, I can’t because-

“Internships are a roller-coaster ride. You may regret getting on them but ones you begin with it you will enjoy it. The experience is such that you will keep it close to your heart forever and ever. Believe me! I myself did nine internships and I am proud of my decision of not slaying during my vacations.”

Some of the amazing reasons are:-

+First hand experience in the field that you are graduating in :

  • Graduation is just gaining theoretical knowledge and internships leads to the implication of theoretical knowledge practically.
  • Internships give you insights of the ground reality of your field

+Get to know if the career you have chosen is right for you or not 

As you keep on climbing the stairs of different type of internships, you will get to know if you will be able to work in the field that you are graduating in or not. If not, you can always make a shift!

+ Explore all the sub-fields in your field: Try to pick up internships which deal with different subjects in your field. By doing so, you will get to know which one interests you the more. It makes it easier to make the choice ones you are done with your studies.

+ Upper hand in job interviews: Your marks won’t matter much then your experience will: Think yourself to be a recruiter. Obviously! you will prefer a person who already has some experience over someone who has none!

+Handling people: The more people you meet, the more you understand the nature of Humans. The more internships you do, the more you will know that with what mindset you need to deal with people.

+ Learn: The things that you get to learn from internships is immense. You will learn different things from every internship which will come as handy when you actually start working.

+ Networking: Today, every field needs contacts. The more people you know the more work you can procure. Internships are a perfect place to increase the number of contacts which can be of great help professionally.

+    Professionalism: Recently, I was at a recruitment drive for a law firm recruiting interns. Sadly, I found plenty of students even though they were half done with their graduation but they were not having an iota of professionalism. Ones, you intern with different individuals or organizations, you will learn the art of professionalism. It can be as

+    Personality Development: Internships are stepping one step or many steps out of your comfort zone. Ones you are done with an internship, you will realize that you have grown as a person.

+    Confidence: Every internship gives you the confidence to achieve more and to aim for better things.

+    Friends for a lifetime: The best friends that I have, all were found while I was interning.  There are very fewer people who believe that one should do internships. The ones who do tend to have the same qualities as that of you. The saying that your vibe attracts your tribe fits perfectly here.

+   Fun memories:  I get goosebumps when I think of what fun I had while interning. Believe me, you are going to thank me a million times for I gave you the idea of interning.


I hope by now that you are convinced that Internships are fun and worth taking a plunge. Obviously, you want to know that how can you get hold of one. I am writing this blog post by the experience that I have gained after doing numerous internships. So, try following these methods with the belief that you will get hold of internships, believe me, you will.

                                     Step 1: PREPARE

1.     Prepare a Resume: First and foremost thing is to prepare a CV.

2.     Letter of intent Another, very important thing to have in hand before applying for an internship is to have a letter of intent.

3. Tentative dates: Make sure, you ask the management of your college/University that when are your vacations going to begin accordingly apply for internships.

4.    Decide the place of internship: Internships in terms of place can be bifurcated into:-

  #   At the place where you are studying:  You can take up internship along with your studies too. Like going to the office on weekends or after you are done with your classes.

#    At the place where you have your home if you are a hostler: You can do one or two internships at the place where your home is but avoid doing all of your internships from one place.

#     A completely different city where you don’t know anyone: This type of internship is what you should prefer doing.

Since the weapons are ready. Let’s get going.

                                                   Step 2:   RESEARCH

1.  Organizations where you can intern: Google the organizations which offer internships. You can also read about the experiences or reviews given by people who have interned with various organizations.

2.   Make a list of all such organizations: In a dairy specifically meant for internships, keep a record.

3.   Note down the contact numbers and emails of all the organizations:  Because you need to remind them often that you have applied for an internship and they need to consider your application.

4. Contact head of human resources: You can call the head to ask them about the procedure for applying with the organization. By doing so, there is a probability that the Human Resources fellow won’t be able to ignore your e-mail.

                                Step-3  APPLY (TIME FOR SOME ACTION)

Send emails along with Resume and Letter of intent: As you search, make sure at that very same time you send emails to these organizations by doing so you are taking off the baggage from your shoulders.

(Note- You have to make changes to the Letter of intent/Resume  in accordance with the type of organization you are applying in for that don’t forget to read about the organization.)

                                   Step-4 REMINDERS/ TAKE UPDATES

After the cat is out of the bag. You need to make sure that the cat fetches some rats to eat. It’s better to remind the cat that what you have sent her for.

Call /E-mail them that you have applied: That shows that you are serious and interested in interning with them. (Do so after 5 or 7 days of applying)

                                  Step-5 (COMPLETE THE FORMALITIES)

Ones, the organization has acknowledged your application. It is very important that you complete all the formalities as per their requirement within the stipulated time-span. In some, you will have to complete some tasks. In some, you will have to give interviews on Skype call or a telephonic interview. There are internships wherein you need to get an authority letter from your college or university.

                               (YOU HAVE GOT MAIL- Ting Tong)

At this stage, you will have some internships in your hand.


  • Earlier the better: Start applying for internships 6 months prior to the time when you want to intern. I am not kidding, I personally swear by this time span if I have to apply for an internship.  Applying for internship in the nick of time is not something which I will suggest.
  • Keep two to three options ready: For instance- When I was not getting any positive response from PUCL, Jaipur. I had an internship in  Dehradun all set. Which I had canceled ones I got selected in PUCL, Jaipur because that was the organization which I was aiming for.

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Nikita Naiyya