Reasons why you, yourself should choose your career and not your parents?

We are so used to this concept of our parents taking all our decisions from the time we are infants that one fine day they even decide that what we are going to do for our entire lives.

Parents love to make the choice because they want:-

EASY LIFE FOR THE CHILD: Every parent aspires to give his or her child a life which is free from all the struggles.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: Professions like Engineering or Govt. jobs have topped the list because of this very reason.

FAMILY BUSINESS/ LEGACY: Most of the parents want that there children should have an easy life and the easiest way to have it all easy is to do what your parents are doing.

The parents who force their children to choose the career which the parent think is good for think forget that HAPPINESS is the most important aspect of life and if the child doesn’t love his or her job. He or she can never be happy.

DISCLAIMER: If you are okay with what your parents have chosen for you then this post is not meant for you.

“It’s one life: Make sure you live your dream and not someone else’s”

Why do parents choose a career for you?

The answer is that our parents are over protective and they don’t want us to struggle. They want to serve us our careers like they have been serving our meals to us. But, believe me, no parent has been able to walk the path of life for their children. The more you struggle, the better you become. it’s just like the more slowly the food cooks, more divine it is.

My apologies for giving such foodie examples in such serious talks of life. But, there is more to come. *Crooked Smile*

Why you should own the decision of what you want to become or what career you want to choose?

Nice question! I trust my mom, you will say. She has always chosen the best for me. It may be a toothpaste or choosing a school wherein I would study. I agree, but weren’t those decisions temporary. As you grow up, you have a right to choose your career.

“Because, remember,  choosing a career is like choosing a pair of pants that you are going to wear everyday. If it is of your choice, you will be more comfortable.”


Some of the bang on reasons for taking the plunge of choosing your career are:-

  1. You will obviously choose a field that you love the most: If you love your job, you will be always happy and at peace. Therefore, if you choose your career all by yourself that will give you immense confidence because you took a decision yourself. You Approved of it and that will make you more responsible.
  2. You are going to wear it everyday-Confused? I told you in the beginning to  imagine your career  like a pair of pants which you are going to wear every freaking day. Obviously, when buying a pant one tries it on, jumps all around the trial room and discusses with oneself- Is it comfortable? Would I be able to wear it everyday? You think of the pros and cons like the price and the discount which the brand is offering you? Its your decision. No one forced you and therefore, you will be able to accept your decision more easily.
  3. You cannot play the blame-game- Have you ever met a person whose parents chose a career for him or her? The career which that person never wanted to indulge in.  I have and they look like a rotten slice of bread- Uneasy, exhausted and irritated. They crib about what theirarents have chosen for them.  Ultimately, they are not interested in their work and end up blaming THE parents for all the chaos in their lives.
  4. Easier to accept the struggles or hardships which your career choice has- Let’s accept this hardcore truth that every career whichever it might be. It brings with it, it’s own wave of struggles. What if the pair of pants turns out to be the one which you have to pull up every now and then because it has enlarged. At most! you will abuse the manufacturer or the seller and no one else.  For instance as a lawyer I have to work 24’7 and 7 days a week, I feel bad sometimes but i can’t blame anyone because it was my own choice.

“Basically, if you choose your career, you own that decision and you accept the struggles which that career has for you.”

Easier to stay motivated – Arey yaar! What is this motivation-shotivation? I am fed of this word. I know you are thinking this especially if you are a teenager. Let me explain. If you choose your career you will be more attached to your goal or aims. Therefore, on your bad days it will be easier for you to stay motivated-shotivated.

I hope you agree with me. If you do, I know, now you want to know how can you get this concept into the head of your parents. For that wait for my next post!

Till that remember :-

“You are not a trophy which your parents own and which they hold up high in the sky to show the world that look my trophy is an Engineer. Don’t be a trophy, be a human. Have your own aims and goals.”