Are you fat, short, too slim or dark and the world pokes you?Easy steps to accept your imperfections and handle the society- Guide to self-acceptance

Helllooo Tribe,

This article in particular deals with self-love. In particular, it deals with something we all struggle handling- OUR RELATIVES AND NEIGHBORS, PRECISELY!

I have myself faced a lot of disapproval for the shape of my body, the color of my skin and the choices which I made in my life.

Sheela Aunty- Arey! What is this on your face? Oh! you have pimples, these spots, you used to be so beautiful. What has happened to you?

Silence silence Silence

Human- Leaves, and cries. Tells god how wrong he has done by letting these pimples grow on his/her face.

This is one instance from my life.

It’s common to see humans making other humans feel bad about things which they cannot change. Some of the things you might have been bashed for are:-

SHORT HEIGHT- is one of the major reasons for which young boys get bullied by their classmates.

WOMEN HAVING FACIAL HAIR- I remember, I was there to see off my friends when one of her boyfriends came up and pulled my facial hair and said, Oh! you have a mustache. How easy it was for him to catch a laugh out of the circumstances for which I was struggling inside-out.

MEN HAVING HEAVY BREASTS- There are certain boys or men who have outgrown chests. yes, they have breasts and the world of fault finding humans say that only women can have breasts. Again, I have seen a young boy getting bullied for it. Unaware of what he can do with those boobs hanging with his body.

BEING FAT OR TOO SLIM-  Not to forget about body shaming.

DARK SKIN TONE: She looks like a lizard! Yes, that what aunties say when they see a girl who is dark in color.

My mom says you cannot hold the mouth of a person who speaks, But, I say- 

“One can be bold enough to face the world and tell the world that you are no one to tell me what you are telling. Let’s tell people to not poke their nose in our business.”

How to do that? Here are certain tricks and tips for you my dear dreamers:-


Take that flaw as a uniqueness. Tell yourself that you are unique


ACCEPT THAT FLAW/UNIQUENESS – You can face the world only and only if you accept that said flaw. Remember, it’s not a because flaw is a thing which you can change but the acne on your face is not in your hands. It’s your body system. It’s natural.

“Sit down, I tell yourself, It’s me, It’s my body and I accept it and I won’t anyone let question my body. Ones you have accepted it, you will be altogether a different person.”


CLEAR OUT ALL THE HATRED THAT YOU HAVE FOR YOURSELF- Did you say hate? Why? Hating yourself will just do no good to you instead it will kill your confidence. Make sure that you de-clutter all the thoughts of hatred and instead come up with the concept of loving yourself because if you don’t love yourself who else will.


CLEAR OUT ANY THOUGHTS OF HURTING YOURSELF– When the acne on my face got stubborn, my wish or courage to lead a life got over but eventually my aims and goals kept me from killing myself. Tell yourself that the imperfection which is there is what makes you perfect.


TELL YOURSELF TO BE HAPPY- Talk to yourself and tell yourself that even though the world thinks that you are imperfect, you are going to be happy with it.


BE CONFIDENT- Ones you have accepted that uniqueness in you and de-cluttered all the negative thoughts. You will obviously feel that rush of confidence in you. Make sure you keep it with you because you will need it to fight a battle against the world.



“Since, you have fought that inner war with yourself and you have won it. It’s high time that you make sure that whoever makes fun or reminds you of your imperfection- You very politely tell them to mind their own business. One’s you do this- Happiness is going to rule your soul inside out.”

I accepted one of the biggest imperfections in my life that is acne on my face. For more:- Click here