Read this if your classmates or collegaues ignore you and make fun of you- Proven ways to handle bullying – By someone who herself was bullied


Welcome aboard. This is something I always wanted to pen down because I was actually bullied. If you also have the wounds like those of mine. I think this is a perfect read for you.

Click here, If you want to know what is bullying?

My childhood wasn’t easy. I was a different child because I had scattered rough hair, tanned face and a person who was not interested in the gossip of who was dating whom. Also, I was an introvert who never had the guts to make friends. I paid heavily for all these unique qualities of mine!

Yes, my classmates had kept different names of me and they used to laugh. No one was ready to sit with me because whoever did was also bullied.  I still remember the faces of the people who bullied me. But, I fought it in my own ways and I am sharing them with you. Let’s dive in:-

  • Talk to your parents or someone who is close to you: I never knew at that time that what is happening to me is something called bullying. So, I couldn’t express it to my parents. But, if it is happening to you my friend, talk to your parents or someone who understands you.

Don’t expect them to fight the war for you but yes, at that tender moment if you have someone to support you things get a bit easier.

  • Carry a sketchbook: I used to always carry a sketchbook or a coloring with me. Doodling is a good way to relax your mind and also you never feel low or alone while you draw, color or paint.
  • Read books: That would motivate you to do things which people who are bullying you are not even close to doing. Again, if you take a dip in the knowledge which the books impart, you will never feel lonely.
  • Enjoy solitude: I enjoy my own company. I can travel alone to a new place. I can sit in a cafe all alone and enjoy the good food. I have even watched movies all alone. Oh! I have watched movies with one of the best partners ever and that is a tub full of caramelized and salted popcorn.
  • Accept yourself the way you are: Just because someone is bullying you doesn’t mean that you have to change yourself to fit in their definition of being a perfect person. If you want to know how to accept yourself, you will find a detailed article, here.
  • Be Confident
  • Don’t play the blame game: Those who are bullied often blame themselves for all the bad things happening to them. Never do that, its the worst thing one can do to oneself.
  • Consider working with an NGO: The best thing one can do to oneself is to work to uplift the society. I myself have worked with a number of NGO’s and it is miraculous healing for the soul.


  • Someone in this world loves you more than there life: That person maybe your parent, sibling, friend, nanny, grandparent or anyone. There will be someone!
  • If you think no one loves you, remember you have certain aims and dreams which you want to fulfill so that the world remembers you as a warrior.
  • A small life already, why to end it early?
  • Email me: You can always email me if you ever feel like ending your life. I will give you million reasons to stay in this beautiful world.
  • Read my story, I was bullied too. You will find it here.
  • Remember one quote always:-

“If you are bullied or friendless right now, at whatever age. Make sure you read whatever you get hold of, draw whatever you can make, colour wherever you can fill and live the way you want to but never change for the ones who laugh because they are part of the crowd while you are the one who stands out of the crowd.”

Yes, I was bullied at school and this is my story-CLICK HERE TO READ